Transparently Good Products from Okoa Pet

January 11 19:09 2021
Transparently Good Products from Okoa Pet

It’s all in the name with Okoa Pet. “Okoa” means “transparent” in Hawaiian, and “save” or “rescue” in Swahili, and the new start-up company stands by that name. Okoa Pet prides itself on providing pet owners with high-quality, all-natural products made from premium ingredients. 

Okoa Pet’s products are different from other average pet supplements. The supplements contain CBD and are made by professionals who didn’t just want to hop onto the CBD bandwagon, but wanted to manufacture a safe and effective product they could trust to give to their own pets.

The owners of Okoa Pet want the best for pets and strive to provide products that meet the needs of the whole animal. They believe in a holistic approach to pet health and use all-natural ingredients and science to achieve that end.

About Okoa Pet

Okoa Pet first launched in August 2020 and is owned and operated by women. The company was founded by scientists, veterinarians, and entrepreneurs who also happened to be pet parents as well as animal lovers and advocates. 

All of Okoa Pet’s products are based on real science and pure love of animals, hence the tagline “Real Science… Pure Love.” The founders of Okoa believe pet health should be based in real scientific research, and the products they produce be effective and safe enough to give to their own pets.

Okoa Pet products are formulated by veterinarian Dr. Rob Silver DVM MS, a pioneer in holistic vet medicine and expert in cannabinoids. Dr. Silver saw the benefits that CBD has in humans and wanted to apply those benefits to animals as well.

Okoa Pet has launched two products, their “Happy-Go-Puppy” soft chews for joint health and mobility and “Hush, Puppy” calming chews. The company currently only has products for dogs, but they plan to expand their product line to include cats and horses.

What Does CBD Do for Animals?

Animals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) just like humans, which is vital for keeping the body healthy and happy. The ECS maintains a constant state of balance in which the conditions for cells, tissues, and other systems can work at their optimum levels.

When the ECS becomes dysfunctional, the body becomes imbalanced. CBD can be used to support the ECS and increase health and wellness. 

Okoa Pet uses broad-spectrum CBD extracts which are safe for animals. The use of broad-spectrum CBD allows pets to receive the full benefits of CBD without the risk of intoxication. 

Okoa’s supplements contain more than just CBD. With ingredients like green-lipped mussel and wild new Zealand roe oil that deliver fatty acids, glycosaminoglycans, lipids and many more, these supplements can help a pet with a variety of ailments including pain, anxiety, digestion, mobility and overall health and wellness.

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