Khushal Patel Transforming Entrepreneurship and Restaurant Business with Low Operating Cost Chicken Wing Franchise

December 30 06:36 2020
Khushal Patel Transforming Entrepreneurship and Restaurant Business with Low Operating Cost Chicken Wing Franchise
Restaurant offers delicious chicken wing menu with spice from different parts of the world. Franchising opportunity is open for entrepreneurs in Georgia willing to succeed in the restaurant business

Setting up a restaurant and expanding it during this time of pandemic might sound like an overambitious idea, but that is exactly what Khushal Patel is doing. Over the last few months, Patel has opened up more branches of his restaurant, Spice Wing brand, across various locations, effectively becoming a franchise. 

Spice Wing is a restaurant that delivers excellent and delicious chicken wings to its customers. What makes them different is their flavors and spices, which come from all over the world. 

For every customer that enters the restaurant, they get the fulfillment of the promise of quality taste, great hygienic food, along with excellent customer service. 

Khushal Patel is an entrepreneur and the owner of Spice Wing, which is a highly successful chicken wing restaurant chain in the United States. Growing up, Patel’s work largely invloved opening and managing 100 Marco’s Plaza restaurants in the state of Georgia, USA. Throughout his high school days, he worked in these restaurants learning how they are run. 

After high school, it was time to go to college. Like most kids from families like his, he’s expected to go to college, and then join the corporate world. But Patel has other plans for his life. So, after high school, he asked his parents to give him his supposed college money so he can invest it in a restaurant. Something he already knew how to do well.

That was how Spice Wings was born. Since then, Patel never looked back. The company is looking to add 10 new locations by the end of 2020. The reason for this amazing growth is because the restaurant franchise has a low operating cost concept. 

Spice Wings have a highly responsive online ordering system where customers can order for any items on their menu and get them delivered to their homes. To improve its customer service, the company now has a mobile app available for free download on Google Play and the iOS store. Customers can use the app to order their favorite food, very fast and easy. 

Their menu list includes never frozen delicious chickens made by experts who understand the concept of superior taste. They also offer waffles, fries, veggies, desserts, and drinks. Customers have the chance to choose from different chicken wing spice options, combo meals, family meal packages, and so on. 

Khushal Patel and his Spice Wing brand are an inspiration to today’s young entrepreneurs. Especially for those people who want to explore the restaurant business. Franchise opportunities are currently open for those who want to open in cities like Loganville, Suwanee, Sugarhill, in Georgia. The application is online.

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