Talented Independent Music Helps Artists Break Barriers

December 25 21:18 2020
Talented Independent Music Helps Artists Break Barriers

Many artists and musicians dream of making it big in the music industry. Getting representation or record deals is not easy, and because of this, many talented artists lose the opportunity to have their voices be heard. As a well-established artist and repertoire agency, Talented Independent Music makes it possible for underappreciated musicians to get the break they need.

Talented Independent Music, or T.I.M., was established in 2013 by Tim Smith. After the passing of his father, with whom Tim was very close, he started this music agency to honor his father. “Music was a big part of our relationship,” the music executive shares. “I created this company to help talented people who love creating good music achieve their dreams.”

Over the years, Talented Independent Music has become the go-to A&R agency for many new artists. Aside from artist development, the company also helps artists with marketing and promotions. “Throughout the years, I have worked with many independent artists,” Tim shares. “I love what I do, and I am sure I always will. Seeing these artists flourish under my guidance has brought so much joy to my life.”

Tim Smith has the reputation of a man who does not sugarcoat what his collaborators need to hear. “I believe in authenticity. I always put my clients first, and I want them to learn how to be open to constructive criticism. That’s the best way for them to grow as artists,” Tim says. His dedication to shaping artists is what makes this music executive a great person to work with.

With all the success that Talented Independent Music has today, it is hard to imagine that Tim Smith was ever in doubt of his purpose in life. But that was how he felt five years ago. “Those were some dark times for me. I made irresponsible decisions, and I felt so lost and trapped,” Tim shares. He roamed the streets, trying to figure out what he wanted his life to be. Eventually, he found his path, and he never looked back. “My company has made me a better person and has given my life direction,” he says.

Tim Smith continued to practice a growth mindset and found another avenue where he could make a positive impact on the community. He started a clothing line called #ImpossibleIsNothing. This brand features shirts designed with positive and uplifting quotes. They also recently released a line of shirts and masks, aiming to educate others on social distancing protocols. 

Tim Smith has achieved so much in his life, and he has helped so many others. “My mother is my greatest inspiration,” he shares. “I hope to lead a life that she and my father can be proud of. My success would not be possible if it weren’t for the support they gave me.”

Tim Smith continues to be a passionate collaborator and supporter of talented musicians. He hopes that Talented Independent Music and #ImpossibleIsNothing Clothing will keep on uplifting other people. For more information about these companies, you may visit their website.

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