Amber Iselt: From Divorce and Domestic Violence to Success and Financial Independence

December 25 19:33 2020
Amber Iselt: From Divorce and Domestic Violence to Success and Financial Independence

While most people find themselves partying and enjoying life in their 20s, Amber Iselt found herself a victim of domestic abuse, divorced, and extremely broke, barely able to afford diapers for her kids. She refused to feel sorry for herself. She refused to let her current situation stop her from achieving greatness. She went all in. Today, she is a multi-six figure earner, homeowner, and a rising entrepreneur, inspiring and empowering others facing similar trials and tribulations, lighting a fire in them that they didn’t know existed through her content and her speeches. 

Amber Lynn Iselt is a 27-year-old mother of two beautiful six and seven-year-old kids. She is a fast-rising social media influencer and an icon for women empowerment with thousands of followers on her social media platforms, and she has been featured in multiple publications. Much of her influence comes from the inspiring story of how she escaped a nightmare marriage tainted with domestic violence and turned her misery into full-blown success. 

After dropping out of high school at 17 and getting married at the young age of 18, Amber Iselt ended up in a nightmare marriage filled with domestic violence and multiple miscarriages. In 2015, she made a bold move to divorce her ex-husband, winning custody of their two kids. With not much choice left at hand, she returned to her parents’ home. As if all these were not enough, her car was also repoed, and her credit went downhill. 

“I struggled tremendously all of 2016. I could barely afford to buy my kids anything for Christmas. I was in network marketing but wasn’t making much at all. It felt like I would take three steps forward and eight steps back. I would cry myself to sleep, begging God to guide me into a direction where I am today,” says Amber Iselt as she recalled the terrifying challenges she went through before her success.

By 2017, everything was about to change for Amber Iselt. She took a leap of faith in online marketing and joined an opportunity, giving her effort, resources, and hard work. At this time, she was also introduced to the famous “law of attraction” theory. With this, she has been “manifesting” all that she hopes to achieve in life. Four months after, she was able to purchase her first-ever homea three-bedroom and two-bathroom home for her and her kids. After eight months, she started earning six figures. Over the years, she has taken on multiple streams of income from e-commerce, consulting services, and influencer collaborations. Most recently, she invested in a platform used to leverage ethereum and shows others how to do the same.She has reached many impressive milestones with it. 

Since then, Amber Iselt has continuously shared her life story online with a vision to inspire and touch the lives of people who might be in the same place she was in years ago. From that, she has gained a large following on social media as many people relate to her struggles as a woman, parent, and person in general. “I’m here to show others that if this small-town, divorced, domestic violence survivor, highschool dropout, and mom of two can do it, I assure you, you can too. It all starts with you,” she expresses. 

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