Liberty Utilities Equipment Suspected as Cause for the Deadly Mountain View Fire

December 03 19:48 2020
Singleton Law Firm believes the Mountain View Wildfire was caused by Liberty Utilities’ negligence and has vowed to fight for its victims.

San Diego, California – December 3, 2020 – The recent Mountain View Wildfire has led to severe destruction along the California-Nevada border. The Mountain View Wildfire of 2020 raged along the California-Nevada border in the middle week of November, leading to one death and the displacement of the residents of over 100 homes. 

Singleton Law Firm believes the wildfire was caused by the negligence of Liberty Utilities. Gerald Singleton, senior partner of Singleton Law Firm, says the wildfire could have been prevented had Liberty Utilities been more serious about maintaining  their power lines properly. 

In the months and years before the Mountain View Fire, Liberty Utilities had not been diligent about maintaining power lines a safe distance from each other and from surrounding vegetation, leaving the entire area highly vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. As strong winds started raging across the area on November 17th, power lines began slapping together causing arcing and a downed power line,resulting in the Mountain View Fire.  

After investigating the area of origin of the Mountain View Fire last week, Singleton Law Firm has demanded that Liberty Utilities preserve key evidence, including power poles, lines, and conductors, so Singleton’s experts can inspect them in connection with the lawsuit expected to be filed soon on behalf of the Mountain View Fire victims they represent.

Singleton Law Firm has an unmatched record of experience and success in fire litigation. Founder Gerald Singleton began his practice in fire litigation in 1993. Since then, he has successfully represented more than 10,000 clients in every major utility-caused wildfires, such as the 2007 San Diego Fires, the 2013 Powerhouse Fire, the 2015 Butte Fire, the 2017 North Bay and Thomas Fires, the 2018 Camp and Woolsey Fires, the 2019 Kincade Fire, and in the 2020 Slater, Zogg, and Oregon Fires. Singleton Law Firm also has a track record of success in taking utility companies to trial for the fires they cause.  In 2013, the team succeeded in winning a roughly $40 million verdict for the Native American Pueblos of Conchiti and Jemez Pueblos in the Las Conchas Fire in New Mexico.  

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