Clarity Aloft Custom Adapters Save Hearing and Fit perfectly from Big Ear.

November 24 03:30 2020

Big Ear Inc, a company that specializes in products that provide custom hearing protection, has released The Clarity Aloft headset adapter. The custom headset adapter was created to prevent Pilots from enduring low-level noise that affects hearing while still being able to hear the cabin noise, and colleagues throughout the day.

The aviation industry has seen a spike in pilots developing tinnitus and hearing loss. Due to the foam inserts used on the job on a daily basis, pilots continuously put their hearing at risk. The Custom Clarity Aloft special design and features allow pilots to eliminate noise while still being able to communicate efficiently and effectively. 

The adapters allow a pilot to hear his or her tower communications clearly while being about to communicate with the rest of the crew and still hear the cabin noise. It comes invented and non vented applications and the vent is also an adjustable ear to ear to be open or one has the option to plug it. The most significant benefit is it fits one’s ears perfectly and does not put pressure on the ear canal as expanding foam does to keep its seal. One can wear this Custom aviation Adapter for 16 hours comfortably and still have their hearing intact at the end of their shift.

Throughout the day, pilots are bombarded by natural and unnatural noises that damage hearing. Pilots must-hear radio communications along with communicating with others in the cabin all while somehow protecting there hearing. 

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Custom Clarity Aloft Adapters:

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