The Benefits of DOITVISION Matrix Stage LED Screen

October 26 04:00 2020
The Benefits of DOITVISION Matrix Stage LED Screen

Stage LED Screen
With an increasing number of stag led screen rental, DoitVision has come up with a new design in rental Matrix 500 list at a reasonable price.

If you are a curious soul and want to know what are stage LED screen (LED stage screen guide) and why they are different from ordinary ones, then this content is going to clear everything in detail.

Referred to as a type of video display, an LED screen uses light emitting diodes to produce images. They can either be mini displays or large ones, whatever you want. Practically, they are ideal for commercial purposes like store signs, billboards or the likes. Advertisers have recently started to use them on public transport so that their reach can be increased and so do the responses.

LED Panels

There are two types of LED panels used in stage LED screens – conventional LEDs and surface-mounted panels. Most of the outdoor and indoor screens used discrete LED surfaces, also called mounted LEDs, for individual placement. They are present in cluster of green, red and blue diodes that are combined together to create colored pixels.

These LED panels are square in shape and their pixels are evenly spaced with reasonable distance from the center to give the best pixel resolution. The best part is the most of the LED stage screens are provided with SMD technology, whose scope is increasing day by day.

What else can you expect from a stage LED screen? What are those elements or benefits that you will not find in any other lighting fixture? Let’s find out:

  • Better Visibility

An LED stage screen with SMD technology is crucial for indoor purpose because it meets the required brightness level. Since it can provide a minimum of 600 candelas of brightness, you can easily use them for corporate and retail application. Though, if you are looking for higher brightness, then it’s better to find a better option with better visibility.

Fashion shows and auto shows are, particularly, those areas where you will have to get more stage lighting so that everything looks good and appealing. For outdoor purpose, there should be at least 2000 cd/m2 but if you can manage to bring it up to 5000 cd/m2, then it will be great. Just consider the following elements in the location before selecting an LED stage screen.

  • Cable for video and power
  • Sightline
  • Ground suitability
  • Overhead obstructions
  • Access of vehicle for transporting screens
  • Local authority plans
  • High-Quality Video

The next worth considering benefit of stage LED screens is their high-end technological advancements that have helped them to satisfy all types of needs. These stage display screens are capable of producing high-quality videos that are sure to leave an impact on the audience. The reason behind is that they can be tailored as per your requirements.

  • Versatile and Dynamic Display

A stage LED screen prides itself for keeping itself fresh and long lasting. It can work like new for every occasion, which is far better than staging drapery. They are true to their words and always manage to leave an impression on the audience so that they can think and response to the messages so conveyed.

LED stage display screens provide clear vision and let the event organizers to effortlessly deliver every single word with its meaning to the audience. They don’t have to use a lot of images, sound or special effects to make their content effective.

DOITVISION Matrix 500 series

A wide range of pixel pitch and brightness, applications for indoor and outdoor. Pixel pitch from 2.6mm, 2.9mm, 3.9mm for indoor and 2.9mm, 3.9mm, 4.8mm for outdoor purpose. Powered by the Novastar A4/A5/A8 receiving card, bring the high quality and grayscale visual effects.

Quality first, keen price

Matrix 500 series laser focus on quality by utilizing the branded raw materials from every small piece of component, such as Alpha soldering paste, copper Deposition pcb, gold plating connector pins, certified power supply units, high standard cables, which are invisible in specifications.

User-based and user-friendly

Matrix 500 made all things simple and handy, cancellation of flanking handles but positioning in the mid of the cabinet alongside with the pre-locking system makes single man installation super easy.

Modular design, one platform, all pixel pitches

The whole Matrix 500 series for all pixel pitch, share the same Modular panel frame equipped with power and controlling box, connectors, only LED modules are different.

Creative installation

Matrix 500 supports curve installation of concave / convex, max 15 degrees.

About US

DOIT VISION always trust and focus in quality alongside with its professional, efficiency, commutation and support before, during and most importantly AFTER the project delivery, it is second-to-none in the LED display space and the faith of all the DOIT VISION members. They truly want to help all the users to get the best result by using its products and certainly to help them to get there.

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