Now On Kickstarter, Forged In Shadows, A Unique Tabletop Game Adventure

October 24 13:52 2020
Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, a uniquely fun tabletop adventure that forges heroes out of zero-level characters.

Mystic Dragon Games, LLC, an Indie game development and design studio, has announced an exciting new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its latest project, Forged In Shadows. A uniquely fun adventure that forges heroes out of zero-level characters, Forged In Shadows sends players on an exciting scavenger hunt throughout the ancient Dwarven city of Valkhaldur, the birthplace of Moebius Spinn, as they face numerous tests while striving to uncover and solve a looming dark mystery.

Created for players who enjoy the thrill of experiencing everything as if it was their first time, Forged In Shadows challenges players to find their hero’s destiny by tracking their progress through completed tests, which ultimately guides them to their hero’s most suited class. Armed with this information, they can then convert their character to their favorite game system. As a self-contained adventure, players forge characters from zeros into heroes by overcoming a powerful and mysterious shadowy creature from another dimension. But to do so, they must first come to embrace an adventure through Valkhaldur Citadel and its surrounding areas in hopes of deciphering a secret message.  

Forged In Shadows uses a simple percentile-based system to determine the outcomes of tests. Players start by building their character’s background using the Ultimate Character Creation Worksheet, which fleshes out a character’s physical, mental, and physiological attributes. Upon completion, both players and the game master will know these characteristics inside and out, which makes role-playing and in-game decision making easier. In-game, real-time events, challenges, and obstacles further uncover each character’s common base adventure class and flesh out more aspects of the character’s traits.

Forged In Shadows will come ready for a full-fledged adventure, that includes a detailed write-up of Valkhaldur Citadel, The Enlightened (a secret cabal organization), and more than a dozen NPC’s, as well as game rules, instructions on character creation, and the Ultimate Character Creation Worksheet.

For a limited time, support Forged In Shadows on Kickstarter here:

Funds raised from this crowdfunding campaign will be used to support Forged In Shadows, including associated production and distribution costs, ahead of a scheduled release in March 2021. Starting today, pledge just $5 to receive exclusive project updates and access to the Pledge Manager, or pledge $18 or more to receive a physical copy of the Forged In Shadows adventure. Other rewards and bundles, including digital PDF resources, dice sets, and dice vaults are available, so visit the Kickstarter campaign page today for more information. 


Forged In Shadows is a new tabletop game adventure that challenges players on an exciting scavenger hunt throughout the ancient Dwarven city of Valkhaldur, where they complete a series of tests that ultimately forges heroes out of their zero-level characters. Forged In Shadows was created by Mystic Dragon Games, LLC, an Indie game development and design studio in Golden, Colorado, and the makers of the Moebius Deck of Wonders.

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