H20 Announces A New Musical Tour Featuring The Music Of The Most Celebrated Duo In The History Of Music

October 23 20:30 2020
H20 Announces A New Musical Tour Featuring The Music Of The Most Celebrated Duo In The History Of Music
Discretion Entertainment, LLC is back with a bang with its “H20 – The Hall and Oates Project”. The company has created a Septet of Talented Musicians who are all set to begin a musical tour from Key West Florida on 8th Jan 2021 to honor the vintage music of the top-selling duo of the 70s “Hall & Oates” with a unique personal touch.

“Without Music Life Would Be a Mistake“ – Friedrich Nietzsche. Let’s not make any mistakes in 2021. For a perfect beginning of the New Year, Discretion Entertainment LLC has formed a team of amazingly talented musicians from all across the country to perform the evergreen music of Hall and Oates. The timeless music of the duo has been a big source of inspiration for the musicians in the past decades and continues to this day. Through these years, the amazing talent in and around the Hall & Oates Band continues to develop and expand. Millions adore their music and the incredible energy of the classic band’s live performances.

The core objective of “H2O – the Hall and Oates Project” is to give music enthusiasts a chance to experience the emotion and spirit of the Music of Hall and Oates and bring some of the amazing energy of the original LIVE performances of the duo at venues all across the country. The Musical Tour which is starting in Jan 2021 is an endeavor to express the devotion and respect the music community have for the players and writers that were all part of and to this day are, of the Daryl Hall and John Oates marvelous musical journey.

The All-star lineup chosen for the live theatrical performance of the great library of memorable songs by Daryl Hall and John Oates is working zealously to enhance the concertgoers experience and to ensure that the performances entertain them to the maximum and bring back all the feel of the music that inspired and shaped a generation. Talking about what the audience should expect the members of H20 said: “Well our goal is to play the music of Hall and Oates with passion and be true to the song and the background of that song, the when, where and what of the song. We research every song’s story from the writers. Even the artwork behind the band live is filled with the imagery of the origins and meanings of each song. So, as for the show people will see, it will be heartfelt, we have so much respect for the Hall and Oates family we just cannot do this any other way”.

The H20 will start the tour musical tour on 8 Jan 2021 and the following proficient artists will be a part of the band.

  • Lead Vocals – Mr. Jason Ames
  • Drums / Vocals – Mr. John Bennet
  • Lead Guitar / Vocals – Mr. Frank Gonzalez
  • Saxophone / Percussion / Vocals – Mr. Lee Gabe
  • Guitar / Vocals – Mr. Juan Aguirrechu
  • Bass/ Vocals – Mr. Paul Boylson
  • Keyboards – Mr. Robert McCarthy

For more details visit the Official Website or our Social Media Pages.

To register for the event click on the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdIm4ybYKFiQIC2v_hUAL8mBaRXkGdbQkkdMPCAAcv40C_org/viewform?gxids=7757

Get ready for all the hits of Hall & Oates and some hidden gems. We bring you H20. Live!

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