New Mobile App, HD MED PPE, Offers Buyers & Sellers A Safe Platform For Trading Covid-19 Personal Protection Equipment At Reasonable Rates

October 07 22:48 2020
New Mobile App, HD MED PPE, Offers Buyers & Sellers A Safe Platform For Trading Covid-19 Personal Protection Equipment At Reasonable Rates

The World’s 1st Mobile App For Personal Protection Equipment

The breakout of COVID-19 has been difficult on everyone this year. Many people kept safe by staying home, as schools and businesses across the country shut down. As restrictions are starting to ease up, and schools and businesses are beginning to open their doors to the public again, many people and businesses are worried about having the right amount of PPE (personal protection equipment) on hand.

At the beginning of the pandemic, traditional PPE supply chains broke creating a chaotic environment in acquiring PPE items leaving hospitals and front line essential workers without protection and desperate to acquire these items. Many scammers and unethical individuals realized they could take advantage of the situation and would sell products they didn’t have, deliver counterfeit items, or sell products for 5x-10x the normal cost.

This would leave the people who actually need PPE supplies stressed out about how they are going to find and afford the equipment they need. Healthcare workers all over the country were feeling even more stressed out about their jobs since they also had to worry about running out of their necessary PPE.

“Everyday we heard the horror stories directly from those on the frontlines and in the medical field about the shortages they had. Wearing the same mask for a week, making their own protection shields and gowns, not being able to sanitize properly. They were scared and needed help,” said Dallas Baldri, CEO of HD Med Group. He went on to say, this fueled him and his global team to work 24/7 until they could solve the problem, in order to save lives.

The condition of the market left the buyers and legitimate suppliers uncertain about how to sell and acquire needed items!  ‘Mandates’ and ‘Reps’ flooded the market as having the ‘right connections’ when it was, in fact, a bunch of information trading with no verified transactions; Buyer never meeting the seller, and seller never meeting the buyer.

HD Med Group, saw this as a major obstacle in getting PPE to the people that needed it most. They bridged the gap between buyers and sellers.  Eric Foster, President, said “Led by an Executive Leadership team with corporate and international experience, we are committed to genuinely helping people and organizations during this unprecedented time.  With a new emerging industry, influence by example can and will shape this industry moving forward…” Using their years of experience, resources and personnel, they verified buyers as being able to transact and sellers as actually having title and the product they said.  Being a global issue, they tapped into their technology department to take the solution global and build a mobile app for PPE.

How We Plan To Help With HD MED PPE

Our new mobile app, HD MED PPE, is the world’s first app that is dedicated to the PPE industry during the COVID-19 era. This app is designed for buyers, sellers, and brokers so they can easily purchase and sell much-needed PPE items. 

With our new mobile app, you never have to worry about not being able to find any of the following PPE items again:

  • N95
  • 3Ply Masks
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Medical Gowns
  • Sanitizer
  • EPA Wipes
  • and so much more

You have enough to worry about; finding PPE at a reasonable rate and without wasting time,  shouldn’t be one of them. Our mobile app features a real-time marketplace so you can buy and sell items at ease. Our detailed FAQ will answer any questions you have about what we do, products, and the industry as a whole. We have also included a training center and a useful resources section so you can stay updated on everything PPE related and even pursue a career in facilitating PPE transactions.

Running out of PPE is something you should never have to worry about. Whether you’re returning to work or school or just want peace of mind going out to get groceries. PPE is something you should always have access to.

The HD MED PPE mobile app is now available for free on Google Play and Apple app stores. 

To learn more about the mobile app, visit 

If you have any queries, email support team at [email protected]

If you wish to personally connect with HD Med Group Founders, Dallas Baldri and Eric Foster, reach them out at: and

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