Semi-Truck Towing In St. Louis, MO Expands Heavy Duty Truck Fleet To Better Respond To Accidents

October 03 04:54 2020
Truck accidents mean fast action must be taken to salvage the goods being moved and to clear any blockages that may have occurred. St Louis Semi Truck Towing has the personnel and equipment to respond quickly and effectively.

St. Louis Semi Truck Towing and Robert Almanzo are pleased to announce that the firm has the right equipment and trained personnel to respond when there is a stalled, wrecked, or otherwise disabled over-the-road truck in the ditch or blocking the roadways. Semi-truck towing in St. Louis, MO, requires special equipment and additional training to take care of this type of incident because of several factors. The St. Louis team of professionals is ready to respond quickly when needed for any kind of truck breakdown or accident.

The operation of large vehicles in a safe manner requires skill, special licensing, and training. Operators of buses, large trucks, semi-truck, and trailer rigs must avoid dangers that the driver of a smaller vehicle doesn’t experience. Examples are getting stuck in a jackknifed position, a roll-over accident, or high wind that causes the cargo to spill onto the highway. Weather conditions, carelessness of other drivers, low visibility, and fatigue are often to blame. If an accident occurs, a specialized towing firm’s drivers and equipment are needed to move the large vehicle out of harm’s way and into the repair shop.

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The drivers associated with St. Louis Semi Truck Towing have the additional training and experience to extract, lift, move, and put over-sized trucks back on the roads. The experienced operators take care of all the major complications associated with rollovers, jackknifed semis, and trapped trailers, as well as blocked traffic. Hazardous situations, such as scattered cargo, are cleared quickly to avoid a worsening situation.

Besides extricating and towing semis, the team of professional drivers and operators can take care of towing RVs campers, and school buses. The operators also provide wrecker services and roadside assistance by a mobile diesel mechanic.

About the Company:

St Louis Semi Truck Towing is a specialized towing service with highly trained operators and heavy-duty equipment. The company is based in St. Louis and serves every major expressway from the Eastern Metro area across the Mississippi River to St. Charles and beyond.

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