Hour-A-Thon Makes Fundraising Easy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

September 10 01:29 2020
Hour-A-Thon Makes Fundraising Easy During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Being fully integrated online, Hour-A-Thon’s unique fundraising platform is helping schools and teams conduct effortless fundraisers even during lockdown.

Out of all organizations and businesses suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools and their sports teams have been hit the hardest. While already operating on strictly limited budgets, coaches across the country are struggling to provide for their teams and keep training going. Hour-A-Thon’s unique fundraising framework is now helping teams meet their financial targets while pertaining to all social distancing guidelines. The unique text-based method has proven effective for many teams and groups in the past by helping them achieve their fundraising goals within an hour.

A spokesperson for Hour-A-Thon made an official press statement to discuss their unique tool “Here at Hour-A-Thon, we have taken the most effective method for raising the highest amount of funds and combined it with the most convenient method to conduct the fundraiser. Not only does this allow patrons and supporters to donate easily, it also makes it easier for the team to conduct the fundraiser, as compared to commonplace methods. Furthermore, our text based approach has also shown to motivate a larger amount of people to contribute money.”

Hour-A-Thon uses contact lists from players to initiate an hour long campaign. The company deploys one of its fundraising agents to help the team conduct everything smoothly from start to finish. During the hour long campaign, each contact is sent a text message with a safe link to make a one-click payment without any hassle. If the text goes unanswered, a follow up call is made in order to maximize the funds raised. With this method, Hour-A-Thon has been able to help hundreds of groups and teams all across the United States.

The spokesperson further added “What sets Hour-A-Thon apart is our transparency and the superior customer experience we provide as compared to other fundraising platforms. While we charge a small commission fee, we don’t make our clients wait for 25 days till the payment can be deposited in their account. We process everything with the most innovative methods so our clients can have the funds available in their account within 7 working days. With our unique method, the communication with potential donors is not invasive and that has shown great results for anyone who has worked with us.”

With payments being made online and the campaign being conducted via texts, Hour-A- Thon is still working with full force throughout the pandemic to help teams across America meet their fundraising goals.

More details about the fundraising platform, along with testimonials and contact details, can be seen on the official company website at https://www.hour-a-thon.com/how-it-works/.

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