The Artistic Initiative – Social Media’s Biggest Kept Secret

September 05 08:36 2020

Do you ever wonder how all these influencers and celebrities are able to continuously grow their fan base and deliver grandeur content to their audience? We’ve been digging deep the last few years to only discover there’s a single company responsible for all of your favorite superstars’ online success. The Artistic Initiative has quietly developed and tested a proven campaign which intermixes a variety of articulate strategies and programmed propaganda to engage audiences around the world. 

The Artistic Initiative, founded by Ray J Lakhani, is an online agency that specializes in 5 major categories. These categories are broken down into online marketing, fashion, entertainment, public relations, and merch. The Artistic Initiative has been social media’s best kept secret because their services have been exclusively wielded by several media outlets and celebrities for its accuracy in fulfilling client requirements. Only a selective amount of A List celebrities, and influencers have used the Artistic Initiative to grow their brand through the use of high quality PR. The Artistic Initiative’s principal objective is to use a fusion of fashion and entertainment to heighten the credibility of its clients, and then provide them with the foundation to be able to monetize their brand through high quality merch or sponsorships.

However, for the readers that are getting excited learning about this unknown company, you may want to note down that the Artistic Initiative isn’t easy to get into contact with. With the high profile clients they currently work with; their circle tends to remain small and secretive. The founder of the company, Ray J Lakhani, has recently revealed himself on social media after obtaining a paramount of success through multiple business ventures he’s successfully assembled. 

Ray J is an inventor, entrepreneur, and fashion extravagant who has popularized a novelty accessory for the e-cig industry, constructed the highest streamed podcast in the southern United States, and worked behind the scenes with some of the most luxurious name brands in the world. Ray is one of the many masterminds responsible for the trend shift that occurred in 2020 within the fashion industry, and he is atlas bringing his credentials and accomplishments into the limelight.

After an extensive amount of effort, we’ve been able to get in contact with Ray J and have him agree to answer a few questions via Zoom for the world to better understand his vision. 

It’s an honor to be on this call with you, Ray. After discovering that you’re the man behind the secret society of social media, our core team spent countless months attempting to get in contact with you. Can you tell us a little more about the Artistic Initiative? 

Firstly, I want to blatantly state that my company isn’t a secret society. With extensive market research, and pinpoint precision, my team was able to obtain an A List celebrity as our first client. With this opportunity, came a colossal responsibility, in the sense that I knew the success of this contract would provide us with referrals for more business.  

Can you detail the methodology used in executing your services for the Artistic Initiative? 

I can gladly provide you with a cliff note summary, as our services are extremely unique, and I wouldn’t want to give away too much. The Artistic Initiative is true to its name. We highlight strengths and weaknesses in our clients, bring them to the table in the form of radical transparency, and begin building and reinforcing through fashion, and entertainment. The world responds to a particular set of visuals, and with the right amount of trial and error, anyone can figure this out. Keeping this mind, we strike audiences with content that guarantees visual satisfaction, and blend it with a form of commissionable substance. Simultaneously, we take our clients weak points, and convert them into relatable press pieces for the audience to connect with. Because our clients are so well known, we’ve been able to open doors to extremely large PR agencies. With establishing these trusted connections, we’ve been able to broaden our network and successfully provide our clientele with quick results. 

How does monetizing a brand play into the plan of action for the services the Artistic Initiative provides?

Monetizing a brand is more important in the world of influencers. Celebrities in Hollywood have no desire to monetize or sell merch online. The notoriety,  exposure, and PR are much more vital for an A list celebrity. This is because they’ve already made enough money to the point where they don’t need another stream of income, but instead need more press and an engaged fanbase to sign more contracts for featured films. For the influencer, monetizing your brand through merch and obtaining sponsorship deals is absolutely necessary for survival. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve worked with a few influencers that focused on brand development rather than monetizing their platforms, and they’ve moved onto higher levels of success in the Hollywood atmosphere because they never allowed themselves to be labeled as ‘just an influencer’, but instead a celebrity and/or public figure. So to be clear, we cater to our clients desires, provide them with high level suggestions, and then as a collective team implement a strategy that satisfies our client, and our client only. The Artistic Initiative is here to serve the artist, we are the backbone to help propel them in the correct direction as quickly and precisely as possible. 

This is amazing. Would you say that the Artistic Initiative has the capability of turning a regular person into a celebrity or influencer from the ground up? 

Easily. My team would be able to transform any individual willing to follow our instructions into a recognized figure online within a year, without a doubt. However, the reason I stray away from these kinds of clients is because the people who aren’t accustomed to the influencer, or celebrity lifestyle, tend to lack the character trait of consistency. Without a client’s dedication to remaining consistent to our program and schedule, there is nothing we can do to assist them in achieving fame or noteriety. Also, to be quite frank, our services are not cheap. Unfortunately, the Artistic Initiative isn’t a service that would be affordable to many. 

Darn. I was hoping to possibly try this out for myself! But I do honestly understand your perspective on that. You guys are the Ritz Carlton, not the Motel 6. High end luxury services require a large investment. 

Exactly. I couldn’t have said it any better. 

Aside from the Artistic Initiative project, I know you operate a few businesses that have bloomed into impressive success stories. Can you tell us a little about the Lazy Lampoon™ and The Yacht Club Podcast? 

The Lazy Lampoon™ was my first breakthrough in the forefront of the business world; keep in mind we were keeping the Artistic Initiative very low key. I noticed that the market for e-cig pens was rapidly growing in 2019, and rather than figuring out how to create my own e-cig pen – I decided to invent an accessory that would act as a sidekick to these devices. I didn’t want to compete with the already established companies taking the community by storm, but instead become an ally to the big guys and new guys entering the marketplace. After researching accessory cases for these e-cig devices, I realized that there wasn’t a case that offered beneficial reinforcements, or an appealing appearance. This is where I began to get creative. I thought to myself… Why is it that people use these devices? Well, I discovered that the common answer found on online forums is to relieve stress. Then I took my research a step further and began digging for what the most common problem users with e-cig pens are facing… And the answer was that users would constantly lose these devices because of how slim they were. To keep the story short and simple – I decided to use animated figures made from stress balls (to assist in stress relief), and create a universal insertion slot in these figures so that hundreds of different e-cig pens would be compatible with the Lazy Lampoon™. I designed every piece to be bulky and colorful so that misplacing or losing the Lazy Lampoon™ would never be an issue.

Because I didn’t want to commingle the profits for the Artistic Initiative with another business venture, I became ecstatic with the fact that the The Lazy Lampoon™ project could provide me with the capital to launch what would soon become the highest streamed podcast in Houston, Texas, The Yacht Club. With this podcast I was able to get creative, and meet an array of personalities. Within 3 months I saw a massive amount of people from overseas begin to follow me on social media, and admire my fashion and artistic persona. Fashion conglomerates began scouting me in Spring of 2020 to sign deals with their corporations after I assisted in designing a few pieces for a brand I cannot name due to an NDA that caused a shift in the fashion world in January. At this exact time the Covid outbreak was just beginning, and I ended up starting another business in the ecommerce space which was a better opportunity for me financially. Because I saw the numbers spike so quickly in this ecommerce business, I turned down 7 different fashion fueled contracts that would require me to travel overseas. Luckily enough, within a month of me turning down the opportunities in fashion, the pandemic began, and I knew I had made the right decision for myself. 

All of this is so inspiring, Ray! I want to know more about this ecommerce business you started this year, but I know our Zoom meeting is about to end. I just want to say it’s been such a pleasure to chat with you and learn about you, and what you do. I’m also so glad to see you embracing your social media platforms now. You clearly have a large fanbase that is devoted to who you are as an individual, and I can honestly see why. Your time has been significantly appreciated today, Ray. 

Not a problem at all. Thanks so much for inviting me on. 

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