‘To the Moon program’ helps BW attract more quality blockchain companies and extensive community support around the world

September 05 22:00 2019

BW.com To the Moon Program with Turing Logic launched last week, offered users within the BW.com community an optimistic opportunity to invest. The whole process of the program was very popular, members from different languages of the communities in the world spontaneously participated in the activity. At the end of the lottery, more than 3,000 teams were registered, and finally 500 teams was very lucky to win the quota, so why this activity is so popular within the community?

In order to explore the reason, Let us first take a peek into what Turing is.

Turning Logic on BW.com

Turning Logic hopes to promote the future of the artificial intelligence industry with blockchain technology. The team offers a solution for helping secure data, a major need for companies all over the world. To this point, Turning Logic (TGC) plans to deploy a public chain that will help support different types of data development and provided security through the implementation of blockchain technology. With this solution, the team hopes to be at the forefront of the global security industry for personal information. The company has positioned itself to utilize a core use-case for blockchain technology with this data storage solution. 

The Turing Logic project offers databases tailored for storing personal information with a distributed storage solution. Further to this point, the solution offers a perfect fix for blockchain enthusiasts. This can be seen from the distributed ledger technology which has helped influence the Turning Logic Blockchain. With their blockchain, the company will be able to offer data storage to companies across the globe. All and all presenting another exciting core use-case for blockchain technology.

So why Turing Logic project could be so popular among community? First of all, BW’s moon landing plan has been carried out for several projects, each of which has been very successful, bringing investors a rich report of 6-20 times, which caused a sensation among the investor community. Secondly, BW has undergone a rigorous review of the projects on the moon landing program, which has ensured the quality of the project and the stability of the flow of funds, which greatly circumvented the risk of trading and made the BW trading market develop in a good direction. Finally, BW has more than 1.2 million support from a wide range of communities in different regions around the world, which has brought great attention to the project, which is also an important reason for the project to be welcomed.

So, how to Join the Booming and Popular BW.com To The Moon Program?

It’s easy to join the To The Moon Program via the online portal with an established KYC account on BW.com. Rest assured, the BW.com To The Moon Program has boomed in popularity attracting nearly a quarter of a million users during the last promotion! With this huge amount of excitement, you will want to be properly prepared for the next To The Moon promotion with Turning Logic!

Remember that the BW.com’s To The Moon Program offers a wonderful array of opportunities for teams looking to capitalize upon the Turning Logic promotion! 

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