“Chengdu’s determination” to become a world-class city: Build a platform for communication and mutual learning

September 02 15:39 2019

The year 2019 is a crucial for Chengdu and even China.

Chengdu is embarking on a new historical mission at an important juncture of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. As China embraces a wider opening up to the outside world, Chengdu is marching towards a world city.

Success is accompanying with the ability to size the good opportunity. Chengdu, a city with strong confidence, is putting itself in the global community with an international perspective and planning the action for future development. Implementing the “Belt and Road” initiative actively, Chengdu, not along sea, river, and border, has had the advanced port conditions for building an international gateway hub city and opening the country to the west and south. It accelerates the construction of an all-round opening pattern to west and south.

In this context, 2019 International Business Experience Trip is holding. With this initial intention and mission in mind, the event has been successfully held for three periods up to now. Germany, ASEAN and Europe have witnessed the three periods, leaving behind fantastic memories and promoting multi-party cooperation.

An inspection tour Seeking opportunities for city development

On May 13, over 30 guests from Germany, the benchmark of advanced manufacturing industry, opened this year’s International Business Experience Trip.

As the nearest national center city to Europe, Chengdu is shouldering the important mission of building a western international gateway hub linking east to west and linking Europe and Asia in the process of “the Belt and Road” initiative construction and westward opening strategy. Economic and trade cooperation with Europe has always been a priority in the field of Chengdu’s opening up. As an important member of the EU, Germany has always maintained friendly exchanges with Chengdu. “That’s why we chose Germany as the first country to hold the International Business Experience Trip”, Zhang Wen, deputy director-general of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said.

With the German exchange team as the pioneer, the International Business Experience Trip just ended today has also invited European guests. With hope and desire for cooperation, they went to Chengdu International Railway Port and European Industrial City and other sites for inspection. “Chengdu-Europe cooperation has made a good start, and we are eager to find more business opportunities in this city full of opportunities!” During the inspection, we can always hear this kind of amazing sigh of the guests.

In fact, Chengdu had already organized the ASEAN Special Event before the European Special Event. ASEAN Free Trade Center, Airport Central Park, Zhongtang Air Railway, CEC Panda, Konggang Huatian, Chengdu Planning Exhibition Hall and other sites are the objects of inspection.

Chengdu arranged inspection sites according to local conditions of different inspection objects. What’s the deep reason behind this? In the first half of this year, Sichuan handed over a half-year development situation of export-oriented economic development, showing that in this time period, Sichuan’s imports and exports to the EU totaled 53.94 billion yuan, with an increase of 44.6% from the same period of last year, accounting for 17.8% of the province’s total foreign trade imports and exports. Meanwhile, Sichuan’s imports and exports to ASEAN totaled 58.83 billion yuan, with an increase of 23.5% from the same period of last year. Chengdu has played a leading role in promoting the cooperation of Sichuan’s import and export with EU and ASEAN. In order to make the cooperation between the two sides more fruitful, Europe and ASEAN have been the first target to be invited to have a talk in Chengdu to hold the International Business Experience Trip.

Create first-class business environment to Promote cooperation between the two sides

Chengdu, the benchmark city for China’s international business environment, has shown its charm in its International Business Experience Trip.

Over the course of the journey, many cooperation projects have already obtained achievements: in the German special event in May, four projects have been signed on the spot, and the largest application-oriented industrial innovation talents cooperation platform between China and Germany landed in Chengdu; in the ASEAN special event in June, the two sides’ economic and trade cooperation vision coincided, with nine projects signed on the spot; and in the European special event in August, eight cooperative projects, such as the China Finished Vehicle Logistics Base Project of German Mosov Group,and the Southwest Base Project of British Calgary Group’s Digital Welding and Cutting Equipment Export Manufacturing, have achieved fruitful results, with a contracted amount of 1.5 billion yuan in the fields of equipment manufacturing, logistics, culture and so on.

Many memories… Looking forward to have a meet in Chengdu again in the future

Although each period of the activity lasted only five days, the wonderful combination of business inspection and food tasting added unforgettable memories to the guests.

“Chengdu is a city full of green vegetation; the city is a green park, which makes people unforgettable!” As Germany’s special event drew to a close, the guests are reluctant to leave.

The opportunity is a very important driver for the economic development, and Chengdu, situated in the global community, is also accelerating the construction of a beautiful and livable park city. More public space, green space and a high degree of harmony and unity between people and the city have made people living happily in the city.

Chengdu, an open economic model, is striding forward from western China to a world city. 2019 International Business Experience Trip is committed to building a platform for investment promotion and capital introduction cooperation, foreign trade cooperation, foreign economic cooperation, fully displaying Chengdu’s open environment and thus adding impetus to Chengdu’s determination towards the world. See you next session!

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