New book series compiled by Award Winning 5x International Best Selling Author Monica Reed, spreading love, unity and legacy between moms & their children

July 01 05:28 2019
“Love, Mama Inspires” by Monica D. Reed is a compilation of mom-stories written by 27 authors that aspire to close communication gap between mom & children and strengthen their relationships.

Ewing, NJ – June 28, 2019 Amid the saddening instances of breaking family ties, here comes a ray of hope. International bestselling author, Monica D. Reed, has recently released a 3-book series that aim to strengthen the bonds between mother & children and rebuild family ties. Titled “Love, Mama Inspires”, the book series is a powerful and endearing compilation of inspiring mom-stories written by 27 authors.

The 3 anthologies were released recently in the month of May, 2019. All the books are available now on AMAZON or on

Love Mama Inspires can be defined as a product line that is designed to create intentional conversations, messages, and capture memories that will be passed on for generations to come.

“Love, Mama Inspires is not just an anthology of books- rather it’s a movement to spread awareness about the importance of love, unity & legacy in families. We would define it as a collection of messages, memories and love left by Mama”, stated Monica D. Reed while talking about the inspiring publication. 

Interestingly, the tagline of the book anthology is “A Gift to Be Giving”. Love, Mama Inspires aspires to build up and strengthen weakening communication and bonds between a mom and her child. 

“Love, Mama Inspires stresses on the fact that every giving moment is like a ‘present’ to someone’s life. It’s like ‘a gift’. The bond between a mother and her child is the most beautiful of all bonds. But it’s no less than a tragedy to find that such bonds are fast deteriorating, especially because of poor communication. It’s high time that we take a pro-active step in closing this gap in communication and rebuild relationships as otherwise very soon we will lose out on the very fundamentals of ‘family’. We have to recognise our words and take intentional actions to strengthen the ties to keep our family together. And Love, Mama Inspires will render you the needed fillip and positivity you need to love and unify relationships.”

The authors of Love, Mama anthologies are all moms themselves. Yes, they belong to different backgrounds but share the same mission to live a life of unity, love and legacy. The books feature versatile themes based on mom & child relationships. So, while some stories talk about military mamas, some revolve around the relationship between a foster mom and child. Readers will also find stories about the struggles of a mother after losing her child. 

Love, Mama Inspires commands a bustling Facebook community now where the members encourage fellow women all across the world through motivational stories, inspirational messages and endearing instances of love and legacy. The community also guides women to speak meaningful things that will help to build strong morals in their children. 

The esteemed author also nurtures a plan to create her non-profit that will serve those kids who have lost their mothers early.

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