DT20 Best Cheap Hidden GPS Tracker For Vehicles Becomes A Big Hit With Consumers And Fleet Management

June 21 05:41 2019
The Diwei DT20 GPS Tracker Mini Car GPS Locator Real Time Tracker GSM/GPRS/GPS has been described as the best on the market within its price range. It is one of the smallest available and has a special automatically reconnection feature if the signal drops.

One of the most talked about GPS trackers on the market is coming out on top compared to its competitors. The Diwei DT20 GPS Tracker Mini Car GPS Locator Real Time Tracker GSM/GPRS/GPS, which is easy to install uses the GSM, GPRS network and GPS satellite position system.

With all the features the new GPS tracker provides, it’s no wonder why it’s gaining so much exposure and being described as the best on the market within its price range. Although the GPS tracker is one of the smallest available, size, as they say, does not matter and this tracker comes with a powerful punch.

One of the most important points of the new DT20 GPS Tracker is not just it’s size, but the re-connection facility. One of the biggest problems with tracking devices is when the GPS signal is shielded by tunnels, buildings, and built up areas. The connection can drop. However, with the new Diwei tracker, which provides a faster and more accurate location, if the connection drops it automatically reconnects which security technical experts have called an exciting addition.

With crime on the increase, this tracker which can be controlled through a mobile app can quickly stop the car thief in their tracks and provide a speedy recovery of the vehicle. If the owner of the vehicle notices their car has been stolen, they can quickly use the app to stop the connection of petrol. They can then provide the police with a direct real-time location for the vehicle to be recovered.

Another important feature of the DT20 tracker is the onboard alert system which is vital for company drivers or for teenagers driving their parent’s car or their own car. The new device can be set to notify the owner of the vehicle or the parent via text if the driver goes over a certain speed.

The new tracker can be used by private vehicle owners or fleet management, caravan security, vehicle recovery, rental companies, heavy machinery tracking, Logistics for temperature-controlled supply chain, and by parents wishing to keep an eye on their children’s driving abilities and their location.


• Support both GPS & LBS (Location based service).

• Support SMS/GPRS/Internet Network data transmission

• Support GPRS on-line and GPRS re-connected automatically if GPRS drops

• Supports ACC status checking and vehicle status notifying.

• Supports Use relay to remote control the vehicle.

• Supports Use SOS button for SOS call.

• Supports Use external MIC to monitor remotely

• Support SMS / GPRS dual-mode switching

• Support configuration by the remote terminal.

• Support vehicle Battery voltage remote query

• Support Turning optimization, perfect driving history management

• Support for point-to-point, point to group, group-to-group monitoring.

• Set multiple functions of security, positioning, monitoring surveillance, emergency alarms and tracking in its entirety.

• Support Firmware/configuration upgrade program Over the air (OTA)

The Diwei DT20 GPS Tracker Mini Car GPS Locator Real Time Tracker GSM/GPRS/GPS with all its features including a longer lasting battery does really beat the competition.

For more information on the DT20 GPS Tracker, please visit https://www.diweitrack.com/a-comparison-between-dt20-gps-tracker-for-car-and-other-car-gps-tracker-products-in-the-market-design-materials-p-416.html

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